The Quiet Game + Study Guide/The Story Teller + Study Guide

Two stories and feedback guides for kids at home The Quiet Game Carrie sprawled in the shade of the cliff that ran along the Lake Michigan shoreline, her ankle swelling into a black and blue softball. Why did I have to come so far? she wondered. Two miles past the creek. To see deer tracks … Continue reading The Quiet Game + Study Guide/The Story Teller + Study Guide

Lawn Ornaments

when does craft become art I enjoyed visiting my neighbor’s workshop. Joe’s basement had the cozy smells of pine boards, sawdust, and fresh paint. Every time I went down his stairs, I was transported to our church boy’s club where volunteers helped us trace comic book figures onto ¼ inch plywood to be sawn on … Continue reading Lawn Ornaments

Back Flash

Grandkids can get us thinking “So, how was your soccer game?” I ask my 8-year old grandson. “Good,” he mutters staring out the car window. “Did you score any goals?” “Huh? One.” He shrugs tossing his tangle of summer streaked brown hair. A woman could sit in a beauty shop all day to achieve that … Continue reading Back Flash

Let Down

after you catch a rainbow…trout The steelhead exploded out of the river like a submarine missile. Straight up. A chrome plated exclamation point with a pink stripe down its side. Thrashing off water like a wet dog. Thirty inches at least. Ten maybe twelve pounds. And it splashed down right past my orange crank bait. … Continue reading Let Down

The Cabin

A getaway for secret fantasies and cairns He loved going out to The Cabin. That’s what he called his landlocked ten acres snugged between the back of a home on CR 306 and a circling cornfield. It was his getaway place. It took a narrow trail to get to the hill where he had built … Continue reading The Cabin