Anecdotal Tourette’s

My buddy, Lenny, mentioned that his brother was a civil engineer. Wham. My anecdotal Tourette’s syndrome kicked in. Do you remember the Groucho Marx show where if you said the magic word a bird dropped down? That’s the way my mind works—say the right word and a joke pops out. Anyway, back to Lenny’s brother. … Continue reading Anecdotal Tourette’s

…cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy

a short piece on the hard pits in a long marriage I put the tube sock in the microwave. Two minutes and thirty seconds. Any longer and it would be too hot on my neck. Cherry pits. Now I just have to stand around and wait for the time to tick off. At my age … Continue reading …cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy

Some things…You Have to Take With You

should grampas keep telling their stories? Rocco was sitting in the middle of the table surrounded by his three grandsons, two daughters and their husbands. His Chicago daughter had chosen the restaurant in Little Italy for his eighty-second birthday celebration. Unusually subdued that evening, he was not leading the conversational gambits, telling stories, teasing. It … Continue reading Some things…You Have to Take With You

Dry Eyes

Fun fiction...cudda happened I had my annual physical the other day…Oops, you’re supposed to call it chronic review or Medicare won’t cover it. So, during my chronic review, when the doctor looked at my bruised bicep, he paused and asked, “What the hell happened to your arm? Did you fall or something?”  I started to … Continue reading Dry Eyes