Hi, Coach!

connecting...a generation later I’ve known the family for what?...thirty years? Neighbors down the street. A shout and wave when the guy walked by and some fried chicken at the annual block party. Nice that he—and what’s his wife’s name again?—invited me to their 50th anniversary party. I probably won’t know anybody unless they included some … Continue reading Hi, Coach!

Old School Names

I took a ‘roots’ trip through my old neighborhood a while back. I paused in front of the A.L. Holmes grade school. It wasn’t new when my mother went there 100 years ago. And it was older yet when I went there 75 years ago and played football on the front lawn and baseball in … Continue reading Old School Names

One Downsmanship

Martin strolled through the resort. That’s what it was called, a resort, but actually it’s a trailer park…a nice trailer park, for sure, on a canal to the Gulf but, most importantly, it gets him under the soothing southern sun after months of snow-blown Michigan. Down to his T-shirt to open his ‘fifth wheel,’ he … Continue reading One Downsmanship

A Quick Spark and Out

She leaned on the door frame to his office, lingering, reluctant to leave. Matt studied her. Different now from their discussion a few minutes ago on the flyer she had asked him to design. He’d worked with Julia for years saying ‘hi’ in the hallways, in cafeteria clutches, on projects. But they had never slid … Continue reading A Quick Spark and Out