Left Turn on Red

Are there some things we shouldn't talk about in a marriage? Martin leaned forward, a little out of plumb, wavering slightly. “Can I say something, judge?” The traffic court judge leaned her chin on her hand, offering the slight nod and indulgent smile she might have bestowed on her favorite uncle. “Look, your honor,” he … Continue reading Left Turn on Red

Ann Pattchett’s Bookstore

Ann Pattchett’s Bookstore asks, ‘why write?’ when there are so many great writers out there It’s in Nashville. Ann Patchett’s bookstore. And as if there isn’t enough music on every corner and bar to grab you by the ears, inside the bookstore there is a recital in progress with a series of singers performing their … Continue reading Ann Pattchett’s Bookstore

Beach Start

There have to be safer ways to cope with a lay-off Mack sat on the sand thirty yards away from the rest of the members on their private beach. They all seemed content to lounge under carnival striped umbrellas, their warm, dry toes just out of reach of the five-foot waves rolling off Lake Michigan. … Continue reading Beach Start

Am I Watched?

a short sketch about family imprinting As I waited for the light to change, a pickup pulled up next to me. A five-year old boy popped up over the passenger side window sill. He had surprised me and he knew it. I grinned back just before he ducked down and I was left to watch … Continue reading Am I Watched?

Twitter Tourettes

When dementia can help...sort of My next-door neighbor, Ethel, lives with her elderly sister. Come to think of it, Ethel’s not so young herself. “Mandy,” she said over the phone. “Could you come over to stay with Cheryl for an hour…two at the most? I need to get an oil change and run some errands. … Continue reading Twitter Tourettes