Twitter Tourettes

When dementia can help...sort of My next-door neighbor, Ethel, lives with her elderly sister. Come to think of it, Ethel’s not so young herself. “Mandy,” she said over the phone. “Could you come over to stay with Cheryl for an hour…two at the most? I need to get an oil change and run some errands. … Continue reading Twitter Tourettes


Why We Need Stories

Recently I heard that the Bushmen of the Kalahari spend a mere fifteen hours a week gathering food. The rest of the time they tell stories and interact. That sounds like fun—a kind of early retirement for the whole tribe. More to the point, I wondered how a people could spend so much time telling … Continue reading Why We Need Stories

Leave My Stories Be

Do we really want to connect with childhood friends? A call came in on their car Bluetooth. “Hey, Nino.” Anthony grimaced, cut a glance at his wife. No one had called him that since he was a kid, back in Detroit’s east side Italian neighborhood. Kathleen, raised an eyebrow, mouthed his new-old name. “Russ Amico.” … Continue reading Leave My Stories Be

Chatter Coach

  “Let’s talk about this guy who ran a trout stream through his house. What if the Mayflies hatched all over his living room?  Would he be able to dangle a dry fly from his easy chair?” “Stow it. All right, Scritch?” I pleaded with my buddy. “You’re the one who introduced me to talking.” … Continue reading Chatter Coach