Locked in—Tuscany

cabin fever doesn’t just happen in winter…take my true story set in sunny Italy I study the part in the auburn hair of a taut young woman heading for the beach. The Riviera Versilia. She’ll disrobe in the transept formed by the aisle of beach chairs and the Tirennian Sea. Stretching out on the canvas … Continue reading Locked in—Tuscany


Spring Fever

This week’s story is a reminder that Spring will come. My lower back starts to cramp. Why do mechanics have to move the seat just to do a test drive? You’d think they were driving cross country and had to have the seat just right. Now it going to take me a dozen tries to … Continue reading Spring Fever


a grandmother tells her grandson how to endure a long plane ride A man in the row ahead of them looked over the top of the seat and glared at Milo. “Quit kicking the seat, okay?” he demanded in the form of a question. “This is a thirteen-hour flight…” he added through lowered brows and … Continue reading Hibernating

Mind the Queue

Random thoughts on staying in line…here and abroad In Italy, there was a pedestal in the middle of Piazza Emanuelle, where a policeman stood to ostensibly control traffic. At times, I would take a cappuccino to an outdoor table just to watch the conductor of the day orchestrate the flow of circular traffic. Whistle in … Continue reading Mind the Queue