World Enough and Time…

Can you ever fill-in a lifetime with words I was walking on the people mover at O’Hare, heading home, dinner waiting, when I caught a glimpse of a woman. She was on a restaurant stool overlooking foot traffic. I stopped walking and moved to the stationary lane to prolong my sighting. Could it be Sherri? … Continue reading World Enough and Time…

Getting Through It

sometimes being there is more important than words My buddy Joe set down his third beer on my back steps. Then he got this misty look in his eye. “Yeah, remember the time we stayed in this log cabin motel near Cadillac to go skiing the next morning at Caberfae?” “Caberfae? Vaguely…” “Yeah, that was … Continue reading Getting Through It

A Second Beachhead

Natural calamities and Social Change Once, some forty years ago, Lake Michigan lapped the stairs at the base of the bluff in front of my house. This year the water level is again high, allowing Leviathon to demolish my steps, take a monster bite out of my cliff and drag trees to his watery lair … Continue reading A Second Beachhead

Lawn Ornaments

when does craft become art I enjoyed visiting my neighbor’s workshop. Joe’s basement had the cozy smells of pine boards, sawdust, and fresh paint. Every time I went down his stairs, I was transported to our church boy’s club where volunteers helped us trace comic book figures onto ¼ inch plywood to be sawn on … Continue reading Lawn Ornaments

Back Flash

Grandkids can get us thinking “So, how was your soccer game?” I ask my 8-year old grandson. “Good,” he mutters staring out the car window. “Did you score any goals?” “Huh? One.” He shrugs tossing his tangle of summer streaked brown hair. A woman could sit in a beauty shop all day to achieve that … Continue reading Back Flash