In Search of the Buzz

Did you ever walk into a room, maybe in an abandoned house, and feel a buzz, a kind of ‘ohmmm’? That’s what I felt standing in the middle of the Greek temple in Segesta. No roof. Fluted pillars on three sides, pointing up and out rather than under and closed. A holy space, a launch … Continue reading In Search of the Buzz

Mixed Grampa Metaphors

Writers are counseled to avoid mixing metaphors. But becoming a grand-dad is to step into a swamp of cross-winds. Here are some of the similes, aphorisms and clichés that have helped me re-connect with my progeny-once-removed after months of Covid isolation. 1. My grandkids are not water barrels anxiously waiting for the steady drip of … Continue reading Mixed Grampa Metaphors

Some things…You Have to Take With You

should grampas keep telling their stories? Rocco was sitting in the middle of the table surrounded by his three grandsons, two daughters and their husbands. His Chicago daughter had chosen the restaurant in Little Italy for his eighty-second birthday celebration. Unusually subdued that evening, he was not leading the conversational gambits, telling stories, teasing. It … Continue reading Some things…You Have to Take With You